Lamplight, Home of the TIKI® Brand, is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Just north west of Milwaukee. Beginning in 1964, Lamplight pioneered the development of an indoor lamp oil that was specially formulated to burn without smoke and odor. Lamplight expanded our line of indoor oil lamps and oil by illuminating yards with outdoor torches and citronella fuel. To further build our position in the outdoor torch category, Lamplight acquired TIKI® Brand in 2001 and quickly started designing new and innovative TIKI® Brand products to appeal to a wide variety of people with different backyard, patio, and deck spaces.

Today, Lamplight continues to enter exciting new territory with more stylish designs and innovative products like TIKI® Brand BiteFighter® Torch Fuel, which provides proven mosquito repellency, TIKI® Brand Clean Burn™ Outdoor Tabletop Firepieces and Torch Fuel, which dramatically reduce soot and smoke, and now the TIKI® Fire Pit and Wood Pack, which has completely reimagined the outdoor fire. As long as there are outdoor gatherings, Lamplight will be there to invite family, friends, and neighbors to gather around the warm glow of its TIKI® Brand products.


 To learn more about about the home of Lamplight, Visit the City of Milwaukee 

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Facilities Specialist
Facilities Specialist W.C. Bradley Farms, Inc. Sep 26, 2023 0.00 mi
Farms and Real Estate W.C. Bradley Farms, Inc. Columbus, GA, US
General Manager - Core
General Manager - Core Char-Broil, LLC Sep 22, 2023 0.00 mi
Product Management Char-Broil, LLC Columbus, GA, US
Director, Taxation
Director, Taxation W.C. Bradley Co. Sep 20, 2023 0.00 mi
Finance W.C. Bradley Co. Columbus, GA, US
VP, Channel Development
VP, Channel Development Char-Broil, LLC Sep 1, 2023 0.00 mi
Sales Char-Broil, LLC Columbus, GA, US
Sous Chef
Sous Chef W.C. Bradley Farms, Inc. Aug 17, 2023 0.00 mi
Farms and Real Estate W.C. Bradley Farms, Inc. Omaha, GA, US